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Local Customers Are Welcome To Schedule An Appointment to Shop In Person!


Shipping Available!

Basic Ordering Information

At this time, all transactions go through our offices, so when you find a product that you are interested in purchasing, please send us an email or complete the contact form​ on our website and provide us with the SKU Number and a brief description of the lot or pallet you are interested in purchasing, and we will be happy to confirm availability, and move forward with creating an order for you. In order to get your profile fully set up prior to purchasing, please complete our Customer Application Form Online. 


If you are local, you can then schedule a time to view and purchase merchandise from our warehouse located in Crystal, MN. If you are not local, please also provide us with your shipping information, and we can provide you with a shipping quote to your location. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Local Buyers

  1. Can you view and purchase merchandise in person: Yes! We welcome our customers to shop our available products in person at our Crystal, MN warehouse location. We have more in warehouse than is posted online at this time! Appointments are required, and you can schedule an appointment by emailing or calling our office at (763) 208 - 8724

  2. Payment Types Accepted: Cash is our preferred method of payment, but we do also accept credit and debit cards (with a 3% convenience fee added to the transaction). Receipts are provided for ALL transactions, regardless of the payment type. 

  3. Sales Tax: Minnesota/Hennepin County Sales Tax (7.525%) will be added to all taxable transactions for in person sales, unless you have a valid MN-ST3 form on file with us that would make your purchases tax exempt. 

  4. Loading: We will help you load, and pallets can be loaded into a variety of vehicles or trailers. We have forklifts onsite for loading, or if you prefer to breakdown the pallet and hand load into a car, truck, trailer, or SUV, we can do that as well. You are also allowed to make more than one trip if necessary, however merchandise must be picked up within 24 hours of the purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Shipped Orders

  1. Can orders be shipped if I am Unable to Visit your Warehouse: Yes! We offer shipping services via LTL Freight, and Various Ground Transportation Methods (i.e. UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.) anywhere in the United States! Buyer is responsible for shipping costs , and we are happy to give you a shipping estimate to your location! Simply send us your shipping information along with the pallet or lot you are interested in purchasing and we can estimate your shipping prior to placing an order. You can do this by emailing or calling our office at (763) 208 - 8724

  2. Payment Types Accepted: Wire Transfer is our preferred Method of payment for shipped orders, however we do also accept Credit & Debit Cards with an additional 3% Convenience Fee Added To your Transaction. NOTE: WE DO NOT ACCEPT VENMO, CASHAPP, CHIME, ZELLE, PAYPAL or Other Online Payment Methods.  If you are being asked to pay with one of these methods report it to us immediately!

  3. Invoices/Payments: If you would like to proceed with placing an order, we will then generate an invoice for your purchase. Wire transfer invoices will be emailed to you with bank routing information that you can take to your bank for wire transfer payment. For Credit/Debit Card Purchases, we will email you a link that you can use to pay online using your credit or debit card. NOTE: All emails from Marketplace Liquidation will be from an email ending with you will never receive an email from us from any other extension (i.e.,, etc.)

  4. Shipping: Once your cleared payment has been received for a shipped order, we will then prepare your order for shipping, and dispatch the carrier to pick up the package or pallet. Orders are typically ready to ship from our facility within 1-2 business days of payment receipt. Once your order has been picked up by the carrier, we will then provide you with an order status update to include tracking information for the shipment. 

Beware of Scams and Fraudulent Sites & Pages

We are aware that there have been Fraudulent Pages and Scammers impersonating our business online - please BE AWARE that these people are NOT Affiliated with Marketplace Liquidation, Inc., and are Scammers. Once Identified, we report any and all of these scammers to the Local Law Enforcement, FBI, and other applicable agencies. If you See an imposter or fake account please send us that information by clicking here. 

You can read more about imposter/fake accounts on our blog post here

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