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Original Retail $5,030.98 | 191 Units | Avg. Retail Price Per Piece: $26.34


Sale Price $754.45 | Price Per Piece: $3.95 | % of Retail: 15%


Jewelry Lot from Major High End Department Store Stock / Shelf Pulls. Retail Packaged - Fully Manifested! 


Great Profit Potential for Retail or Online Sales! Great Assortment of Products! Lots of Holiday Packaged Jewelry for Great Gift Giving! 


Items Include Departement Store & Designer Brand High Quality Fashion Jewelry Including: 


  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Neckalaces
  • Watches
  • Pins & Broaches
  • Jewelry Storage Items
  • And More!


Lots of Nice, High Quality Pieces In Attractive Finishes Including Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Hematite & Sterling Sliver. These Items are Primarily Fall and Winter Jewelry Items. 


Brands Included: BCBG Generation, Guess, Unwritten, Charter Clb, StyleCo., Ma*y's, I.*.C. International, Victoria Townsend & More!



High End Department Store Jewelry - Self Pulls - Over $5,000 Retail Orig. Retail


    MOS/SHELF PULLS: Shelf pulls are typically overstocked goods that have been displayed for sale in a store or online but have never been purchased by a customer. Shelf pulls are typically considered excess inventory from store shelves. In the vast majority of cases, shelf pulls require much less work than customer returns in terms of testing and repairing, but you should expect to have some checking work to do as well as cleaning off potentially dusty items and removing price tags (if necessary) before reselling the items.

    Shelf pulls will typically be in good selling condition and may have some or all of the following characteristics:

    • End of season & seasonal goods
    • Discontinued goods
    • Items may still have their original retail pricing stickers/tags on them
    • Items may have additional retail discount tags on them
    • Packaging or item may show signs of handling
    • Exterior packaging is often in less than perfect condition
    • May be defaced/de-labeled (inner labels or tags removed to prevent return to the original store)
    • Some items may still have retail security sensors attached
    • A percentage of the items may be out of box or in open boxes
    • A percentage of the items may be in-store display units or samples
    • Short-dated or expired goods may be found in some lots

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