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Wholesale Value: $49,446.18


Our Price: $13,175.00


This is a Full Truckload of Domestics and Bedding Items. The condition of this truckload is Store Clearance and Return Items. 


Items may include: Comforters, Sheet Sets, Bedding Sets, Pillows, Rugs and Mats, Shower Curtains, Sherpa Throws, Placemats, Drinkware, Dishes, Towels and Washcloths, Dishcloths, Cookware, Character Products, Hair Styling Tools, Air Mattresses, Window Treatments & Accessories & More!


Manifest Available Upon Request


All images are for example only and might not represent the actual item.


Note: Manifests are for REFERENCE only. Discrepancies in unit count, value or description are considered NORMAL.


SOLD K0HL$ Domestics & Bedding Truckload

SKU: AH19OH-49446-17038B
  • FOB Ohio

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