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Lot Summary:

Volume Pricing Available

Minimum Order: 1 Case / 25 Units

Take All Quantity: 200 Cases / 5,000 Units*

*quantities are subject to chage - inquire for current take all quantities


Condition: New Overstock - Case Packed


Lunera T8 LED 4FT G2 LED Replacement bulbs for T8 Fluorescent Lamps. Sold by the full case with a minimum purchase of just one case, or by the 1/2 and Full Pallets. 


Full Case Quantity: 25 Bulbs Per Case

1/2 Pallet Quantity: 25 Cases / 625 Bulbs

Full Pallet Quantity: 50 Cases / 1,250 Bulbs


Multiple Pallets are available for Purchase.


Minimum Order 1 Case - 25 Units - Price: $50.00 Per Case

25-49 Cases - Price: $37.50 Per Case

50-150 Cases - Price: $25.00 Per Case

*Contact us for Our Take All Pricing!* 


Lunera T8 LED 4FT BiPin / 11 W  LED Replacement for a 4FT T8 Flurorescent Lamp / Type A Ballast Driven



  • Directly Replaces 32W/30W/28W/25W 4FT Bi-Pin Fluorescent Lamps with 11W LED
  • Type A (Ballast Driven); Plug and Play Installation; Supports Existing T8 Ballast (Instant Start / Rapid Start / Programmed Start)
  • Delivers up to 1,800lm 
  • Thermal Fuse Protection for Added Safety 
  • CCT: 4,000K
  • 50,000 Hours 


Manufacturer's Description: 

The Lunera T8 LED 4FT is a plug and play (Type A, Ballast Driven) Linear T-LED Replacement for a 4FT bi-pin T8 Fluorescent Lamp up to 32W. It operates off of the existing electronic ballast and supports instant start, rapid start, and programmed start ballsts, no fixture rewiring is required. 


This Beautiful lamp emits light with a 330 degree beam spread, has a color rendering index (CRI) of 80+ and delivers up to 1,800 Lumens of usable light. 


These Bulbs are in brand new, overstock, case packed condition. Must be purchased by the full case with minimum purchase of just one case with volume discounts avaialbe when purchasing 25+ Cases! 


Contact us for additional information, or to place your orders! 





Lunera T8 LED Light Bulbs - 4ft / G2 / 4000K - Cases & Pallets



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