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Purchase Price: WAS: $1,025.00 - SALE PRICE: $650.00
Retail Value: $4,733.98
# of Units: 152
Manifested (Click Here for Manifest
Condition: Unprocessed Customer Returns


This is a great Manifested pallet from the Big Bed and Bath National Retail Chain! This pallet includes a great variety of items. All items are unprocessed customer returns.  


Some items you can expect to find on this pallet are:

  • Bathroom Items & Accessories
  • Personal Care Items
  • Comforter/Bedding Sets
  • Towels
  • Rugs & Mats
  • Cookware
  • Kitchen Tools & Gadgets
  • Storage & Organization Items
  • Home Decor Items
  • And So Much More! See Full Manifest for a Complete Listing of Items on This Pallet! 


Photos included are a combination of stock images of items included on this pallet and actual images from the pallets. 

Manifested B*D B*TH & B*YOND Pallet - $4,733.98 In Retail - Customer Returns



    Customer Returns are typically items that have been purchased from a store (or online store) but then returned by a customer. Stores have varying individual return policies as well as product liquidation policies which can affect the type & condition of products you may see in varying loads. Wholesale customer return goods are typically not tested by anyone prior to making their way into a return load. Many stores do not have separate programs for customer returns, and shelf-pulls (discontinued, end-of-season, overstocked goods) are commonly found in customer return loads. Depending on what store they come from and what category of product it is, working percentages on customer return loads can vary greatly.


    Reasons for return include shipped in duplicate, buyer remorse, wrong size, wrong color, damage during shipping, wrong item received, didn't need, didn't work, missing part, or no reason given. These reasons are provided by the original customer and are often inaccurate. Expect that some percentage of items may be damaged, torn, missing parts, missing manuals, or otherwise incomplete or non-functional.


    Customer Returns typically have the following characteristics and stores can decide to liquidate these goods for a number of reasons:

    • Defective when returned by the customer
    • Cosmetic blemishes or slight defects
    • Out of box goods
    • Missing minor or major components (remove controls, manuals, covers, cables)
    • In-store display items
    • Damaged exterior packaging
    • Items that the store does not want to or cannot re-shelve
    • One or more features does not work
    • Store is overstocked with such items
    • Out of season items
    • Discontinued items
    • Defaced barcodes and/or labels
    • Signs of handling – both external packaging and the item itself


    Often, additional internal store tracking or return labels can be found on the items.


    All customer return goods are always sold with no warranty or guarantee. Any warranties found with the goods are invalid and cannot legally be used.


    View Additional Information about Products in the Customer Return Category Here:

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