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To Order: Call us at (763) 208 - 8724

Or Email Us at:


Purchase Price: Varies by Pallet


Condition: Untested Customer Returns


We have Pallets of Power Wheels and Ride-On Toys available for sale! Our pallets come directly from the big box store distribution center - First Touch! These are a HOT Item and are going fast! 


Minimum Purchase is 3 Pallets. 


Please contact us for the detailed manifest of our remaining pallets.



  • Pallet # PW06
    • Retail Value: $984.95
    • # of Units: 8
    • Customer Price: $462.93
  • Pallet # PW12
    • Retail Value: $787.58
    • # of Units: 7
    • Customer Price: $370.16
  • Pallet # PW20
    • Retail Value: $747.00
    • # of Units: 3
    • Customer Price: $351.09
  • Pallet # PW24
    • Retail Value: $953.31
    • # of Units: 8
    • Customer Price: $448.06



Power Wheels & Ride-On Toys Pallets


    UNTESTED CUSTOMER RETURNS – Inventory in UNTESTED condition is inventory that has been sold to an end user and returned through a retail storefront, manufacturer, website and/or distribution center. No testing or repairs have been attempted in our facilities on the listed products.



    The packaging may be in various states including: new, opened, distressed and/or missing.


    These Loads may or may not contain a small number of display units (no battery/engine).

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